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Lumbago, muscle pain, total column stability, lumbar and sacroiliac region, intravertebral unloading

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Strong rigid lumbar belt - high impression belt

The ZW-7 lumbar belt is a support for the lower back. Unlike other belts on the market, it is characterised by being a dynamic lumbar belt: deriving from supports used by professional athletes, it does not atrophy the muscles but exerts intravertebral unloading (relieving pressure between the vertebrae and therefore pain) while still working the abdominal and back muscles. Top of the range materials in terms of quality, lightness, minimum thickness and excellent breathability - Belt with 4 semi-rigid side-by-side and counter-belts.

The Zamst lumbar belt range is dynamic:

- Applies additional abdominal pressure - The lumbar vertebrae are supported by the abdominal and back muscles, incorrect posture, lifting weights in the wrong way, incorrect movements or the simple force of gravity tend to compress the vertebrae downwards, the belt supports the pressure in the abdominal and lumbar area, leading to intravertebral unloading (rearrangement of the vertebrae upwards) consequently relieving pressure and consequently pain;

- Limits lumbar extension - observing good posture would be enough to reinforce the stability of the lumbar region, unfortunately almost no one manages to apply it, and when lumbar over-extension (extension of the body backwards) occurs, whether in sports or daily life, it very often creates an overstress that leads to an injury. The belt counteracts and prevents lumbar over-extension and allows recovery in the case of injury by reducing tension on the spine;

- Mechanically stabilises the lumbar region and the sacro-iliac joint - The lumbar vertebrae are stacked on the sacrum like cubes one on top of the other, the belt's compression action supports and stabilises the sacrum itself and the connection with the spine;

- Antalgic effect of heat - property whereby by means of compression and warming the painful part, a relieving effect is achieved;

Product pluses:

- Exo-Grid unique back support system through unique semi-rigid resin splints that improve stability and give effective support;

- I-Fit: Adjustable fastening for customised comfort by means of anatomical belt profile, central front fastening and modular parallel lateral-anterior snaps;

- Grip-Tech system that prevents the belt from slipping and increases comfort; - Lightweight, stretchy and breathable materials that channel body moisture and/or perspiration to the outside;

TYPE OF INJURY: Lumbar pain, lower back pain, contractures, muscle traumas in general, support of the spine and lumbar region, intravertebral discharge.

SYMPTOMS AND SIGNS: The classic symptoms related to the above injuries are manifested by dull, continuous pain in the lumbar spine that may radiate to the buttocks but more often concentrated in the lumbar region. WARNING: Always consult your doctor for an objective examination and to make the correct diagnosis, especially in the case of protusions, discopathies and suspected herniated discs, the matter becomes very serious, always consult a medical specialist.

Composition: Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane, Polystyrene, Polypropylene


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