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Knee brace for LCM and LCL collateral ligaments, patella syndromes, joint stabiliser, muscle injuries, contractures, strains, Breathable Technical Compression Fabric

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Knee brace in breathable compressive technical fabric for advanced stabilisation with maximum mobility.

Knee brace for LCM and LCL collateral ligaments, patella syndromes, joint stabilisation, muscle injuries, contractures, strains, Breathable Technical Compressive Fabric.

ZK-MOTION is a latest-generation knee support in breathable, compressive technical fabric, designed to guarantee maximum mobility while providing effective support for the collateral ligaments of the knee, and to combat all patellar syndromes. It is ideal for athletes and sportsmen who have suffered injuries or ligament injuries (medium to severe) or who want to preserve the knee from new injuries while seeking maximum fluidity of joint movement and comfort. It features an advanced, highly adaptive and breathable Technical Fabric, dynamic polymeric lateral splints, which allow very fluid natural movements, ergonomic 3D patellar pad, non-slip Nano fibres in the upper and lower inner side.

Product pluses:

- Hybrid Knit Technology with a combination of breathable Technical Compression Fabric, dynamic polymeric functional supports and 3D Circular Pad for outstanding mobility and support stability; 

- Functional Regin Stays dynamic polymer resin lateral reinforcements perfectly stabilise the joint, offering progressively more support depending on the degree of movement;

- 3D Circular Pad ergonomic technical pad that stabilises and guides the movements of the patella, menisci and the knee joint compartment as a whole. Special functional element that absorbs and distributes tension peaks in the joint;

- Hygienic Base Layer highly breathable elastic compression material with sweat wicking technology, material with antibacterial treatment in the yarn matrix that does not decay with washing;

TYPE OF INJURY: Moderate to severe injuries to the collateral ligament apparatus, patellar and meniscus syndromes. Protection of the ligamentous tendon assembly. Hybrid Knit Technology with advanced protection of the joint compartment. Effective protection against overload: Thanks to light compression, the knee brace improves the control of knee movement during prolonged sports and/or physical activity sessions. At the same time, the ZK-motion Knee Brace is designed so that during movement it massages the ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissues in order to preserve the joints and the risk of injury and pain

SYMPTOMS AND SIGNS: There are 3 degrees of ligament injury with increasing severity: I) It is a mild stretch of the ligament fibres II) The ligament is partially torn, with vivid pain, swelling and associated lateral or medial instability of the knee. III) Almost complete tear of the ligament, with the knee showing severe instability, excessive swelling and often associated meniscal injury. Patellar injuries of varying degrees depending on the extent of the injury. Injury and/or wear to the cartilage of the joint and associated damage to the connective tissues of the knee joint with acute and violent pain at the time of the injury, the greater the percentage of injured fibres, the initial pain is followed by a muscle spasm, the pain increases during palpation of the injured area, limitation of mobility, appearance of swelling.

WARNING: Always consult your medical specialist to identify the type and degree of the injury, always consult your doctor for an objective examination and to make the correct diagnosis.

Composition: Nylon, Polyester, Elastane, Synthetic rubber(Latex), Polyurethane, Chloroprene, Nylon, Silicone


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